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French Placement Test

Before registering for any initial program, with the exception of those of the Oriental Literature Institute (ILO), the Institute of Islamic and Christian Studies (IEIC), the Faculty of Business and Management (English section), and the Higher Institute of Banking Studies (ISEB), students must have obtained an A on the French placement test.

All candidates, regardless of the qualifications they may cite (French Baccalaureate, another French placement test, a diploma of French studies, French nationality or one of any other country whose official language is French, etc.), are required to take this test.

On the other hand, students who have completed one of their secondary school years abroad and have not obtained an A on the French placement test are allowed to attend classes on two conditions: that they follow intensive language classes offered at the Center for Modern Languages (CLV) of USJ’s Faculty of Languages and Translation (FDLT), and that they obtain an A on French examinations before the final exams of the second semester.

However, candidates ranked in 'B' in this test are allowed to register at the various institutions, with the exception of the abovementioned institutions and the Faculty of Law and Political Science (FDSP). These candidates must commit themselves to achieve an 'A' grade before the end of their first year of study by taking an extensive remedial course in the first semester of their studies; in case of failure, they may repeat it in the second semester and in the summer semester as a last chance to take the test. By validating this course, students validate 3 open elective credits towards their major.


1 - USJ wants to ensure that all candidates have the minimum required competencies to attend classes.
2 - USJ strives to maintain the quality of French in its teachings. 
3 - USJ wants its students to bridge the gap in the practice of French.

Test results have a varying period of validity:
- Category A results are valid for 10 years
- Category B, C, or D results are valid for 3 years

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